PhD students

Year Field Name Relation
1992 CS Dinesh Manocha
Algebraic and Numeric Techniques in Modeling and Robotics
thesis committee member
1996 CS Xiaoye Li
Sparse Gaussian Elimination on High Performance Computers
graduate adviser
1996 Math Huan Ren
On the Error Analysis and Implementation of Some Eigenvalue Decomposition and Singular Value Decomposition Algorithms
graduate adviser
1997 CS Inderjit Dhillon
A New O(n^2) Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Problem
graduate adviser
1997 CS Ken Stanley
Execution Time of Symmetric Eigensolvers
graduate adviser
1998 CEE Mark Adams
Multigrid Equation Solvers for Large Scale Nonlinear Finite Element Simulations
graduate co-adviser
1998 Math Daniel Wilkerson
Communication on Networks of Finite Automata: Three Instances of Wormhole Routing
graduate adviser
2000 CS David Blackston
Pbody: A parallel N-Body Library
graduate adviser
2001 CS Tzu-Yi Chen
Preconditioning Sparse Matrices for Computing Eigenvalues and Solving Linear Systems of Equations
graduate adviser
2002 Math Plamen Koev
Accurate and Efficient Computations with Structured Matrices
graduate adviser
2003 CS Richard Vuduc
Automatic Performance Tuning of Sparse Matrix Kernels
graduate adviser
2005 AS&T Jason Clark
Electro Micro-Metrology
graduate co-adviser
2006 Math Jiawang Nie
Global Optimization and Polynomial Functions and Applications
graduate adviser
2006 CS David Bindel
Structured and Parameter-Dependent Eigensolvers for Simulation-Based Design of Resonant MEMS
graduate co-adviser
2007 CS David Garmire
Methods and Devices for Optical and Electrical Metrology with Application to Phase-Shifting Interferometers, Torsional Microstructures, and Levitated Accelerometers
graduate adviser
2007 (expected) CS Yozo Hida graduate adviser
2008 CS William Kramer
PERCU: A Holistic Method for Evaluating High Performance Computing Systems
graduate co-adviser
2010 CS Edward Jason Riedy
Making Static Pivoting Scalable and Dependable
graduate adviser
2010 CS Mark Hoemmen
Communication-avoiding Krylov subspace methods
graduate adviser
2013 CS Grey Ballard
Avoiding Communication in Dense Linear Algebra
graduate adviser
2014 CS Edgar Solomonik
Provably Efficient Algorithms for Numerical Tensor Algebra
graduate adviser
2014 CS Andrew Gearhart
Bounds on the Energy Consumption of Computational Kernels
graduate adviser
2015 CS Nicholas Knight
Communication-Optimal Loop Nests
graduate adviser
2015 CS Erin Carson
Communication-Avoiding Krylov Subspace Methods in Theory and Practice
graduate adviser
2016 (expected) CS Vasily Volkov graduate adviser
2017 (expected) CS Orianna DeMasi graduate adviser
2017 (expected) CS Evangelos Georganas graduate co-adviser
2017 (expected) CS Rebecca Roelofs graduate co-adviser
2017 (expected) CS Aditya Devarakonda graduate adviser
2020 (expected) CS Yang You graduate adviser
2020 (expected) CS David Dinh graduate adviser

MS students

Graduated (MS) Field Name Relation
1990 (or before) Mir Assadullah graduate adviser
1990 Math Richard B. Kraft thesis committee member
1994 Math Jeff Rutter graduate adviser
1996 CS Andrei Zege graduate adviser
1996 CS Balazs Kralik graduate adviser
1996 CS Oleg Zahkarov graduate adviser
1997 CS Bernd Pfrommer graduate adviser
2000 CS Howard Robinson graduate adviser
2005 CS Ben Diament graduate adviser
2006 CS Hormozd Gahvari graduate co-adviser
2008 CS Ankit Jain graduate co-adviser
2012 CS Amik Singh graduate adviser
2012 CS Neil Thompson graduate adviser
2013 CS Benjamin Lipshitz graduate adviser
2014 CS Razvan Carbunescu graduate adviser

Postdoctoral students

Postdoc years Name
1990 (or before) Zhaojun Bai
1990 (or before) Alan McKenney
1990-1993 Alan Edelman
1993-1996 Sharon Smith
1993-1996 Ming Gu
2003 Laura Grigori
2003 Christof Voemel
2003-2006 Ioana Dumitriu
2003-2006 Olga Holtz
2011-2014 Oded Schwartz
2011-2014 Jong-Ho Byun
2012-2014 Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez
2011-2015 Hong Diep Nguyen